Enhancing Vaughan's Beauty: The Curb Appeal Program

Enhancing Vaughan's Beauty: The Curb Appeal Program

If you live in Vaughan, Ontario, you have noticed a little sign in your fellow neighbor's front yard that says "Curb Appeal", what is that?

The Curb Appeal program is a crucial part of Vaughan's beautification efforts, recognizing homeowners and businesses who show exceptional pride and effort in maintaining their properties. This initiative not only celebrates aesthetic excellence but also encourages the community to enhance the visual appeal of their surroundings.

What is Curb Appeal?

Curb Appeal is all about making properties look their best. Throughout Vaughan, a dedicated group of community volunteers visits and evaluates properties based on specific criteria. This year, up to 850 properties can receive recognition signs if they meet the following standards:

  • Visual Appeal: The overall aesthetic of the property should be visually attractive.
  • Variety and Texture: Use a mix of colors, textures, and materials in plantings and hardscapes.
  • Shade Trees: Incorporate shade trees into the design.
  • Plant Selection: Use a combination of perennials and annuals.
  • Creativity: Show creativity in the design and materials used.
  • Environmental Measures: Implement drought-resistant plants, rain barrels for water collection, and mulch to retain moisture.

Tips for Improving Your Property's Curb Appeal

If you're new to gardening or lawn care and want your property to stand out next year, the City of Vaughan offers these helpful tips:

  1. Lawn Care: Keep your grass neatly cut and free of weeds. To promote thick and healthy growth, add topsoil, seed, and water for long periods infrequently rather than short periods often.
  2. Mulch: Purchase mulch in various colors to make your garden stand out. Mulch keeps soil healthy, retains moisture, and helps stop weed growth.
  3. Plant Variety: Incorporate a variety of plants and flowers in your garden. Perennials like Bee Balms, Russian Sages, Begonias, and Black-eyed Susans are low-maintenance and attract pollinators. Annuals such as Coleuses and Angelonia add height and bright colors to your garden.
  4. Stones and Rocks: Add different colored and sized stones or rocks to enhance your garden's visual appeal.
  5. Features: Consider adding an illumination or water feature, such as lamps or a small fountain, to make your garden more attractive.

Become a Volunteer Curb Appeal Judge

Are you interested in promoting the beauty within Vaughan's neighborhoods? Become a volunteer Curb Appeal judge! To apply, fill out and submit a Curb Appeal Volunteer Application form. Accepted volunteers must attend a two-hour training program hosted by the City. During the training, incoming judges will learn about the environmental features and qualities a home must have to receive Curb Appeal recognition. When it's time for evaluation, judges will visit properties throughout the city and place signs on homes that demonstrate exceptional effort and beauty.

Nominate a Property

If you wish to nominate a homeowner or business for their outstanding "curb appeal," submit a nomination form or call Service Vaughan at 905-832-2281.

By participating in the Curb Appeal program, you can help enhance the beauty of Vaughan and recognize those who take pride in their properties. Whether as a volunteer judge or a property owner aiming for recognition, your involvement makes a significant difference in the community's overall appeal.

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